Table of the Saints - Santander


14 December 2022

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Mesa de los Santos – Santander, Colombia

The favorite place for people from Bucaramanga to rest during the weekends. Many families have their own piece of land and a country house in this area.

It has a cool weather only 40 minutes away from the city. Warm during the day, at night the temperature can go down to 12C, so carrying a sweater is always recommended. Other towns near by are San Gil and Barichara, 90 minutes away.

It is an ideal place to practice paragliding, cycling, hiking, rappelling, or just to enjoy and relax with friends and/or family.

Among the attractions you can visit there is: the Chicamocha canyon observatories, the trails made by the German Georg von Lengerke, the “duende” waterfall (el Salto del Duende), “mi Colombia Querida” a typical town replication, and Los Santos town .

Right now there is a project to connect the Chicamocha National Park to the Mesa de los Santos by a cable car.